Jeremy and I on Easter Sunday 2010

Friday, April 8, 2011

F&^%ing Facebook

I always, especially as an Army wife loved facebook, well first it was myspace, then I switched. I like seeing people's days, offering hugs from far away, praying, sharing, posting pics, even talking and sharing pics with my own daughter. We all have moments we rant, cry, are overjoyed, everyday is different for us all and facebook I thought was a way to connect with our families and friends and talk from faraway. I cant see all those on my page in person even yearly and some are Army wife friends I have made in past 4 years and I have had joy in know you.

In life we all meet so many people, some people bring joy, some bring stress, some seem to be your friends and in end hurt you. I have changed so much in last 6 years of my life, learned to be a better person,treat people better, be more about helping others in selfless acts instead of being selfish. I follow through with things I say I will do and never just walk away from something without making sure its solid. I dont talk about people that I say to thier face is a friend but behind thier back take every vent they make on a damn community website and make it huge deal. If I post information it came from a reliable website and if I vent, and your on my page then it was because your friend or I thought so. I dont trust many people and if you are deleted in next 24 hours its probaly because I dont trust you anymore or think very highly of your cowardly actions. If someone has an issue with what I post then have a backbone enought to say it or so you feel it's inappropraite instead of hide behind your goody too shoes nature.

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  1. I'm sorry. I just had to unfriend a lot of people for similar reasons.