Jeremy and I on Easter Sunday 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Following Christ for real, not just showing up for church on Sunday

This last month of our lives has been a little crazy. But from it all, feels like I finally see a path to becoming a real Christian. I was baptized in Sept of 2009, but after that point, I was like, now what? I am a list person, so you tell me what to do, I do it, but in a spiritual journey it doesn't work that way.

My husband is an amazing man, full of so much information to Christ. He tells me though, "he who knows much is accountable for much." So, I know he felt like he needed to get back on his own track back to God as well. He tells me of the promissive will and unsubmissive will of God. I mean Jesus died on the cross for our sins, certainly not his, because he had none. It's a pretty amazing thing that God let his only son die for us because we are sinners, and God lets us continue to be sinners because he gives us the choices and it's up to us to make the right ones. Then also sometimes, God lays things out in a way to make and end result he needs. I love that He has this kind of power. Its amazing.

So in all we have been through in the last month, I feel like it has a reason,set up by God to give me the answer I needed on now what?. By all that has occured, we have come closer as a couple and closer to God. We have a new found desire to know more, to do more. I bought my first devotions book for couples to give us a focus everyday, hoping that will be a good start, and so far, so good. I bought my husband a new Bible from me. He told me I could not buy myself one because it's something so very special, with so much meaning that having one given to you is an amazing gift. I got him a beautiful Bible. I find the book to be the coolest thing. I mean layered in leather, paper that feels like it can rip so easily that you want to be so careful. And in the last month we have talked more then we ever did. Become even more open with eachother, then I thought possible. The thing is, I love my husband, he was always my best friend. I thought we were really open and honest, and had a great relationship. I mean how many people really have a desire to hang out with their spouse all the time. We did, so I thought we were good, but since we really took God into our lives it has been a more powerful relationship between us then I thought possible, and I owe God for that.

I truly love my husband and through everything, I know with God on our side I can see the future, hanging out in our rocking chairs. sitting on the porch, him with his DS5000(no its not a real one, but I am sure there will still be video games around in another 40 years) and me with my book in a little handheld touch screen, watching our grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up to be amazing people.

I learn so much everyday and look forward to it. I feel like I am finally ready to make good decisions to be a good Christian, and be in imagine of God, like we are meant to be. And, to raise children who can see that leading a life with God brings happiness.

Noone really reads my blog, but I do it for me, a place to put all my crazy jubbled up thoughts. This is a new beginning for us and well I need to write about it!

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