Jeremy and I on Easter Sunday 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My newest read

So, I became totally obsessed with the Twilight series, all thanks to my parents, who on my birthday bought me the first 3 books, and within 3 days, I had read them and had to buy the 4th. Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer and the movies in no way give her justice, to say the least. So I then read them all a second time, and officially became a Twilight nut even after so long of refusing to do it.

Well, I was about to start reading them a third time and Jeremy suggested I get a new book, especially because he was supposed to do cq duty(Army duty where he gaurds a specific place for a 24 hour duty). He knows that I hate being home alone and thought it would help. After going to couple places to look for books. I finally broke down and bought Stephenie Meyer's new book "The Host." Now I was against this book because it did not have my precious Edward in it and all I want really is a 5th book(not a book about Bree Tanner). But after the first few kinda confusing chapters I couldn't put it down. Another amazing book!
I do find it interesting that her characters always are so selfless. In "Twilight" Bella is always willing to give her life for others that she loves, even willing to die for her vampire family who could at any chance turn on her. In "The Host", Wanderer also behaves in the same ways, more then willing to do anything to please others in human family she has grown so much to love, even though she is not sure of how much they really love her or just the person's body she is inside of. That is of course the only similiarity in the books.

I actually ended up buying this book for my mom now for Mother's Day. She loves to read as well and it's been far to long since she has read a really good book. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. And for all you out there who are like me and don't want to read a different book from Stephenie because it's not about vampires, well give it a try. I was pleasently surprised.

That's it for today, gotta check the mail and see if my Team Edward sticker came in the mail

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