Jeremy and I on Easter Sunday 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am

wanting to do some redecorating. I know, right before holidays you ask. But, I am a cheapskate at heart. I love a good deal and my favorite is free stuff. Like my hubby. He made a pirate ship, not joking, a pirate ship for FREE, this Halloween and our yard looked freaking awesome. Everyone thought so. Now I gotta figure out how heck I am gonna set it all up alone next year, anyways, off subject. So, when it come to doing a little redecorating you can do a lot with a little if you know how.

First off paint, but since we are in military housing and I already put my hubby through that once, we will nix this idea for me, but for you it can work. You can look online and find some amazing ideas on painting techniques or really just pick a great color, do a whole room or accent a wall. I do suggest thinking it through with the color though. My neighbor across the street painted her house, and its looks like someone threw up Pepto Bismol all over the walls. I mean what hubby is okay with that. It's pink everywhere. It's not a damn sorority house, I mean jeez, poor guy. I am pretty sure his wife wears pants in that house. Point is, if you live with someone, agree on color, and please, please, please, don't paint your walls Pepto pink unless it's a little girls room and even then I would rethink that idea. Oh and don't do black either unless you are totally Emo and then it's okay but if you are truly Emo you won't like it for long anyways so instead cover your walls with newspaper and call it a day(or wrapping paper too, it could be fun, you can tear it off weekly and try new pattern).

Secondly, fabric is so important. There is this place here in Fayetteville, well technically Spring Lake, called REA. I have no idea what REA stands for but I vote for Really Earthy Aroma, as in, it smells awful in the place, but, when it comes to there being a good deal, I will hold my nose.  This place sells the stuff no one else can or is opened, like when a idiot goes to Walmart and doesn't bring a diaper for their baby and instead of buying a pack and going to change the baby in the bathroom, instead they very slyly open a bag of diapers in the store, steal one and leave the bag opened on the shelf, just to piss off an underpaid worker later.  Anyways, REA has fabric. Lots of it, some ugly, some cute, some that you ask yourself wth?, but lots of it. The fabric runs $1 a yard, yes I said only $1, and then they have things like faux leather and suede for $2 yard, now that is even better deal. That being said, I go at least weekly to check and see if they have diapers because as I said I am cheap and $4 for bag of diapers rocks! and I always check and see if they have any fabric that is nice. Just this last week I snagged a nice suede material in tan and then this silky kinda striped and ta-da, I made new pillows that are light colored to break of the monotony of the dark brown leather sofa(which I hate). While I was at it, I got this super thick fabric in pretty brown. Fabric feels kinda like those curtains you buy to keep out sun, so I got it and made curtains. Wa-la, I made curtains and pillows all for about $5(I stuffed the pillows with fluff from old pillow we no longer used from one of the kids beds).  So look for cheap, clearance fabrics. You can use diff patterns and colors together to make some really cool looks and making things like curtains and pillow can change so much for so little. Maybe some day I will try couch cover. We will see.

The amazing pirate display this year at no cost.
Third, placement of furniture. You can change a whole room just by figuring out new arrangement or bring some things from other rooms into different rooms. For instance I move at least one room around a month. It's a weird thing I do, but my hubs has gotten used to it. My MIL says you move furniture around a lot and change things because you are unhappy in your life and desire change. I would not agree, I just like changing things up a bit. It's like trying a new "position," you don't know if you like it till you try it, so I try it. If I don't like it, I move it again. Not like it hurts anyone for me to be crazy. At least I am a nut with sense.

I just added this one so you can see the daylight and my little pirate princess.

Ugly pillow, blending in before

Pretty new suede pillows with contrast of colors and fabric
So as I write all these ideas for you, and selfishly look around my own room to decide what to do next, I think I decided on a photo project for the wall behind the couch. 6 square photo frames with a black and white of each of our kids in it, an up close pic. I guess I need to start looking for frames for cheap. The color never matters, really just the shape. I found I can find frames cheaper if I care less about color. That's what paint is for. 

Well, that's my 2 cents for today. I have to go do laundry now. Blah! The life of a mom and wife is never dull.
And don't forget my new curtains!

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