Jeremy and I on Easter Sunday 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

What a Weekend!

So this Thanksgiving weekend, my hubby was fortunate to have a 4-day weekend, so we drove up to VA to see his family, especially since we are going home for Christmas.  We headed up on Wednesday night and came home on Sunday. It was a great visit. We hung with the family, Jay had his birthday, did a little Black Friday shopping, and even managed to get my Mother-in-Law's Christmas tree up. 

I think I have found the key to Black Friday shopping. See, I have been apart of this crazy day since I was a little girl. A memory I have that is my favorite is of an old lady hitting my dad's cart with hers at Walmart, all for a stupid popcorn tin that she wanted and he had.  I used to be nuts, getting up at 3am so I could be at Walmart by 4am, toting along my two toddlers at the time. Using my cart as a battering But, after I met Jeremy we never really had a desire or need to do this craziness so I have not done it for at least 3 years, plus those years in retail instead of shopping it, I was managing it.

Our trip idea started on Thursday, and decided we would go to Target at 5am then hit the 5Below at 6. Well, my alarm went off on Friday morning at 4 and I hit snooze, then next time it went off, I asked Jeremy if he wanted to get up? and his answer was a low moan, so I just turned off the alarm completely and went back to sleep. See, he was my excuse for my laziness or maybe I can blame the turkey coma from Thanksgiving Day, either way, we did not get up. But, by 6am I was wide awake so I got the hubby going and by 7am we wondered into Target. It was busy, and we got a cart. The bad parts of the store were electronics, so we quickly got through it and wondered to look at what we needed to. We ditched to cart to avoid people and it worked great. We shopped, and looked around, laughed, and played with toys. After we made a few purchases(we also walked right up to a register), we grabbed Starbucks and off to the next store. Traffic wasn't even that bad, we just parked far out, because we didn't care. We went to a few more places, then even braved ToyrUs. Holy Cow, now the line to check out was nuts, all the way around back of the store, I guess their specials ended at 1pm, so as soon as 1pm hit, Wa La! No more line, at all, associates just standing there, doing nothing. We didn't even plan to buy anything there, just went to go wonder around and play, and we did. Erin had a great day and after we went back to the in-laws. The key to Black Friday is not to stress and have fun. We didn't try to park close, we didn't get upset if something we wanted was gone, who cares really? If it's not there then it wasn't meant for us. It was the best ever Black Friday ever and I am so blessed that my husband has changed me so much to relax a little more everyday and not sweat the small stuff.

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